Export quality frozen sugarcane to the American market

Export quality frozen sugarcane to the American market
Date Submitted: 26/07/2021 11:12 PM

Tan Gia Thanh import & export Co.,Ltd successfully exported frozen sugarcane to the American market. This is a large and potential market for Vietnam’s agricultural products.

Vietnamese sugar cane stick characteristics

Roots: Belonging to the bunch of roots, which keep the sugar cane stick standing, absorb water and nutrients from the soil to feed the plant.

Stem: Cylindrical or slightly curved, depending on the variety, the cane body has different colors such as: light yellow, dark purple… The cane shell has a layer of white chalk covered. The trunk is divided into many branches, each length is about 0.05 – 0.304 m (depending on the variety and growth period). Between the two directions is the burning, burning includes the growth belt, root belt, pollen belt, and leaf scar.

Sugarcane farm

Leaves: Leaves grow from the cane arthropod (under the root belt) in staggered rows or in circles on the cane stalk. Leaves are green (with some individual varieties adding yellow or purple), serrated edges. , the outside has a thin layer of chalk and hair cling. Depending on the sugarcane variety, the leaves have a length (0.91 – 1.52 m) and width (0.01 – 0.30 m). Leaves are the center of photosynthesis, the breathing organ, and the place where the plant gets rid of moisture.

Export frozen sugarcane to the USA 

Exporting frozen sugarcane to developed countries, bringing foreign currency to Vietnam is our main goal in this year 2021. Although the epidemic situation still evolved complicatedly and the way of trade was limited. However, our company has also successfully exported frozen sugarcane to the US market, a potential market for Vietnamese agricultural products.

Export frozen sugarcane to the USA

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Frozen sugarcane standards for exporting

Sugarcane is grown and cared for in accordance with the process, checked and certified by the local agricultural department.

Sugarcane, after being cleaned, will be cut into pieces 40-50cm long, 2cm in diameter or more. Washed through ozone aerated water before drying and frozen packed at -18 ° C

Frozen sugarcane for export

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